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AC and Friends Team 2016 - Adam Martin, Joshua von Gabain (starting left)

The entire AC & Friends team is committed to excellence through transparency, confidence in our startups, and passionate, creative employees.

Joshua von Gabain



Joshua is responsible for dealflow, screening, investments and startup support at AC & Friends. He puts an emphasis on a hands-on approach with a focus on strategy, business development and financing/fundraising. Playing an active role in several advisory boards, he is a strategic and yet a analytical person with a passion for startup development. Prior to joining AC & Friends, Joshua gained international working experience in the IT, Bioinformatics and Banking sector, as well as 5 years of research experience on Sustainability, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Joshua holds a Master in Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and is a Certified Business Angel (CBA). Fluent in three languages, he enjoys making music, hiking, reading, travelling and innovation in his free time.


Markus Pellet


Markus currently holds an advising position at AC & Friends. With his background as partner and managing director of an international tax and financial advisory company, he provides AC & Friends and its stakeholders with valuable background information in financial, tax and legal matters, and also advises AC & Friends on fundraising rounds and M&A deals. Markus holds a Master in International Management from the University of Innsbruck and is a certified Austrian tax advisor.  Fluent in three languages, he also loves soccer, hiking and spending time with his family. 


Adam Martin


Dr. Christopher Grabher


IN MEMORIAM - Chris, we thank you for all the beautiful and unique moments that we shared with you. You have truly touched and inspired so many people, ventures and organisations throughout your wonderful, but much too short life. You will forever serve as a guidance to stay positive, be forward looking and goal-oriented while always believing in whatever we do in our lives. We will miss you dearly and always keep you in our heart. 

Beyond being the co-founder of AC & Friends, Chris played an active role in several advisory boards, helping in strategy, business development, and finance, but also in legal matters, M&A, and deal structuring. He previously worked as head of controlling, project manager, and strategic consultant, including six years of hands-on experience working for established manufacturing companies. Chris received a PhD from the University of Innsbruck. Chris passion was freeriding, mountaineering, and travelling.

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