We are partners of
the following projects

AC and Friends - Project Helioz

a Social Enterprise

HELIOZ  is an Austrian social enterprise engaged in R&D and the sale of affordable products for low income households in developing countries. Their product, WADI™ is an easy-to-use and cost-effective UV measurement device, that visualises the process of solar water disinfection.             

AC and Friends- Project Studitemps

the most intelligent temporary work

STUDITEMPS is an innovative company, finding temporary work for students. Due to their focus on attractive, flexible and fair solutions for the academic job market, STUDITEMPS is able to offer both parties – employers and employees - various advantages.

AC and Friends- Project rublys

scratch the smartphone

Apps spread like germs. Some might serve a purpose, but hardly any provide real benefits for users or brands. Neither in goods nor in their presentation.

rublys is the new media channel with day-to-day win opportunities for users, providing innovative possibilities for brands to gain new clients and keep them satisfied.


AC and Friends - Project EGO_SPORTS

powered mountain bikes

EGO-SPORTS is manufacturer of the world's most powerful e-motor systems for mountain bikes. With leading image, technology, and performance, EGO-Sports created a new bike category for empowered Downhill bikes.                                                                           

AC and Friends - Project TourRadar

perfect group tours

TourRadar helps travelers compare & book over 20,000 various group tours in more than 200 countries of the world. Helping them meet and engage with other travelers before the tour departs, TourRadar's online and mobile tools help travelers better inform themselves before making critical purchasing decisions about organized group tours and booking online.                                                          

AC and Friends - Project kompany

easy real-time company information

kompany provides easy and instant access to international business background information for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and business professionals around the globe. It has revolutionized the market for company information with real-time data solutions.                                        

AC and Friends - Projekt nextSociety

- network smarter!

nextSociety transforms business interactions by building the most intelligent networking assistant for professionals. They inspire people by making their social connections relevant for their professional and personal objectives. Also, they enable companies to outsmart competition through better connected people.

AC and Friends - Projekt Holvi

the future of banking

Holvi is the banking service for the 21st century small businesses owners, freelancers, project workers and entrepreneurs in Europe. It adds small business tools, online payments and modern usability on top of a traditional current account, making it a one-stop-shop to manage your business and finances. You can open a Holvi account completely online in minutes.

AC and Friends - Projekt ChatGrape

- communication 4 business!

ChatGrape is a real-time multi-device messaging tool that strives to change the way companies and their teams communicate. It combines smart natural language processing technologies with deep service integration to automate workflows, facilitate communication and to increase overall team and enterprise productivity.

AC and Friends - Projekt MountainHub

mountain hub
- empowering outdoor experiences

mountain hub is a community-fueled app for the outdoors with advanced tools for maps and route tracking. It allows you to share your knowledge and experience among its global outdoor community. It creates a data network of real-time observations within climbing, hiking, biking, kayaking, tour-skiing and free-riding, ultimately improving decision making to make safer and more shareable journeys into the wild. 


AC and Friends - Projekt hitbox

- real time live-streaming worldwide

hitbox is a global innovator in gaming and eSports interactive live streaming. Delivering real-time, highest quality video game live streaming with premium, integrated communication and engagement tools, hitbox is the next generation live-streaming platform designed exclusively for the gaming community.


AC and Friends - Projekt FragNebenan

- enabling communities to flourish

FragNebenan is a network for urban neighbourhoods. It’s the place where neighbours can meet 24/7, share knowledge and resources, organise mutual aid or chat about local issues. It's the place where urban community and social cohesion is enabled in a 21st century digital society.

AC & Friends - Projekt openlaws


- better access to law

openlaws is a legal tech start-up that provides legal-information-as-a-service for citizens, businesses and legal experts. The cloud-based service helps users to know their rights and to fulfill their obligations. It simplifies the navigation through large amounts of legislation and case law while empowering the community to create and share new information. 

AC & Friends - Projekt VIMEDA


- personalize your digital health

VIMEDA is an innovative health care company that provides digital health coaching based on Biomarker analysis. It helps its customers to achieve their goals by giving highly individualized recommendations to improve health and fitness. Furthermore it facilitates behavioural change and disease prevention.