AC & Friends
is a privately funded
Angel Investor.

We invest in a business venture by providing capital for startup or expansion. We are perceived as "filling the gap" between the financing provided by family and friends, and venture capitalists. Not only do we invest capital in a startup, we also play - if necessary and suitable - an active role in managing the company through smart/sweat capital. AC & Friends often operates as sparring partner and mentor, advising our startups with a hands-on approach. We truly enjoy the thrill of helping build and create a thriving enterprise.

We are looking for people with visionary ideas and the exceptional willpower to put it in to practice. When we make a decision in favor of a person and an idea, it is because we truly believe in them. The result is a value-based partnership with long-term involvement for the mutual benefit of both partners. Our focus is always on the long-term success of the enterprise.